CellularOne® Chooses ClearSky Technologies for Network Planning of Small Cell Deployment

ORLANDO, FL, February 4, 2015—ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of hosted mobile data infrastructure and managed services to wireless operators, today announced the signing of its first NetView 360 customer, Cellular One of Northeast Arizona.

“We recognize the effectiveness of small cells to fill coverage gaps and increase capacity, but so many unknowns—such as the ideal locations, quantities and small cell types—have prevented us from moving forward with deployment,” said Judd Hinkle, CEO of Cellular One. “NetView 360 eliminates the guesswork by answering these questions, and more while presenting side-by-side comparisons of different deployment options.”

NetView 360 enables Cellular One to accurately plan the placement of small cells for indoor, outdoor, low-power, high-power or Wi-Fi with 1 meter accuracy. The innovative service platform allows the carrier to confidently model coverage, capacity, and subscriber improvements through a combination of advanced traffic analysis, high-resolution RF planning, backhaul and real estate assessment, and comparative business case analysis.

“This platform takes into account everything from outdoor attachment points to in-building geometry and availability of backhaul, allowing Cellular One to identify the type, location and quantity of small cells to achieve the best outcome,” said Alberto Rubio, ClearSky Vice President of Professional Services. “We expect that the results produced by NetView 360 will validate the technical and business cases for small cell deployment in Cellular One’s network.”

NetView 360 is the first logical step in HetNet deployments, producing accurate and easy-to-understand results regardless of the carrier size, coverage area, network type or spectrum. The process starts with a new approach to traffic modeling that incorporates a wide variety of public and private big data files to create detailed 4m indoor and outdoor traffic maps. The service then employs a proprietary method for creating 3D building outlines that can be applied to virtually any city or town in the world to generate RF propagation modeling at sub 1-meter accuracy.

About ClearSky Technologies

For more than a decade, ClearSky Technologies has been a leader in providing hosted infrastructure to mobile operators. ClearSky’s powerful array of products and services includes hosted small cell as a service, traffic and policy management, LTE services, multi-generation SMS, MMS and mobile Internet access. Headquartered in Orlando, ClearSky currently provides mobile data services to more than 50 wireless operators across the Americas. For more information, visit www.clearskytechnologies.com.

About CellularOne

Cellular One www.cellularoneonline.com is a leading provider of wireless communications service committed to providing the most reliable service to its customers in rural Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Headquartered in Show Low, Ariz., Cellular One operates a network of more than 201 cell sites, with additional sites in the works, and a total of 22 stores within its coverage area—providing nearly 200 jobs in the region.

Many of the communities Cellular One serves are rural and/or situated on Native American reservations.  In fact, before Cellular One arrived, telephone penetration for most regional tribal communities was roughly 27%. In cooperation with the FCC, the U.S. government, and the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and White Mountain Apache Native American Tribal Councils, today Cellular One currently provides basic cellular telephone service to approximately 80% of these rural tribal areas.

For more information, visit www.cellularoneonline.com and www.facebook.com/CellularOneOnline.