ClearSky Helps GTA TeleGuam Optimize Network for Entire Island

NetView 360 Solves Challenges of Network Evolution

ORLANDO, FL –May 19, 2015 – ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of hosted mobile data infrastructure and managed services to wireless operators, has partnered with GTA TeleGuam (GTA), a leading Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in Guam, to optimize network coverage and capacity throughout the territory. GTA operates a WCDMA and LTE network on the island of Guam, with a commitment to increase capacity, data speeds and in-building coverage while reducing customer churn.

MNOs such as GTA face growing challenges during network expansion as they work to ensure peak performance. Key factors in addressing GTA’s network evolution plan include expanding 3G and 4G service, VoLTE readiness, multiband LTE, and Wi-Fi and/or small cells to address future capacity offload.

GTA selected ClearSky’s NetView 360 platform to perform the network evolution planning and design. The NetView 360 design service was chosen for its ability to plan multiband LTE, 3G macro, multi-year data projections, small cell and Wi-Fi design and perform crucial business analytics. The NetView design service considers not only the technical attributes of network evolution but also the business impact, to help operators make informed decisions about the most timely and cost-effective way to evolve their networks. NetView 360 was used to perform 1-meter propagation modeling on the entire island as well as to characterize individual building impact using ultra-high-resolution propagation techniques and a 4-meter resolution traffic map that pinpoints smart phone data—indoor and outdoor.

“The level of detail and time to complete the project exceeded our expectations,” said Andrew Gayle, Chief Operating Officer of GTA. “We had everything we needed—and more—in less than three months, including a detailed traffic map of demand and a plan to add small cells and macro cells in specific locations. The level of resolution in the NetView 360 model is like nothing we’ve seen before in the industry. Most important, ClearSky’s team was with us every step of the way.”

NetView 360 eliminates the guesswork by offering a comprehensive service for designing a HetNet with unprecedented detail and accuracy. It is a new-generation, proprietary software tool and planning service that combines big data sources for advanced traffic analytics, high-resolution propagation modeling and business case analysis. And, because ClearSky is not a network infrastructure OEM, its analysis is completely unbiased, providing MNOs with the best coverage and capacity recommendations without advocating superfluous upgrades.

“NetView 360 is a relatively new offering from ClearSky,” said Alberto Rubio, Vice President of Professional Services, “but it has been quickly embraced by MNOs to solve a variety of challenging network issues.” NetView 360 is gaining popularity in part due to its performance as a comprehensive solution rather than a short-term fix. The forward-looking evolution analysis includes improvement recommendations that are based on projections of future growth (usually three years) rather than serving as a temporary patch to address a current network problem.

About ClearSky Technologies

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About GTA TeleGuam

GTA provides complete communications services in Guam. These include local and long-distance telephone service; wireless; DSL Internet access; advanced digital television, or IPTV; and carrier-class data circuits. The company also operates a data center in Guam for offering business data storage and managed wide-area networking. Based in Tamuning, Guam, GTA is privately owned and locally managed.