Healthcare Building Cellular Service

Using Small Cells to Improve Service for the Health Care Industry

Many mid-sized hospitals and health care facilities face a cellular coverage dilemma. The many interior walls and energy efficient glass used in most health care facilities block the cellular signal from outdoor cellular towers, causing poor quality voice calls and slow data sessions. This poor coverage creates a multitude of issues. The medical staff is frustrated because they must stay in constant touch with their offices, associates and patients. Patients have difficulty making calls to and receiving calls from family or friends during a difficult time in their lives. Third party service providers are not receiving timely work instructions and are not in the right place at the right time.

Clearly an in-building cellular system is needed. But unfortunately there have been very few places a facility can turn to for help. The reality of today’s wireless industry is that only the very largest hospitals are able to convince the top four U.S. wireless carriers to bring cellular signal into their buildings using an expensive distributed antenna system (DAS).

The ClearSky FORT small cell solution provides an economical way to eliminate weak signal areas and enhance both voice quality and mobile data throughput. FORTE is the one and only solution for hotel owners and operators to control their own wireless destinies by improving in-building coverage across the top four U.S. wireless operators. The FORTE multi-operator small cell system is based on the latest generation of indoor cellular equipment. You can choose any combination of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint coverage. ClearSky works with your DAS systems integrator for larger properties by supplying our FORTE Neutral Source or can provide a small cell-only system for smaller properties using our FORTE Small Cell System. ClearSky is your one stop, cellular service solution shop.