Multi-Tenant Building Cellular Service

Small Cell Service for Residential and Mixed-Use Buildings

“Cord cutting” has become a telecom industry norm with people abandoning their traditional wired phones at astonishing rates and instead relying completely on their mobile phone. The cord cutting phenomenon works in reverse when developers bring new properties on the market. Buyers and tenants demand their cell phones work in the new building from day one because they have no intention of bringing in a landline phone.

The in-building cellular coverage issue can be profound in higher end developments for two reasons. First, the well-heeled buyer is almost certainly a heavy user of cellular voice and data services across multiple devices. His or her inability to get cellular signal can be the determining factor in purchasing or leasing a property. Second, high end properties are often built for LEED certification and that usually means using high performance glass. Unfortunately the glass industry’s definition of “high performance” is the ability to filter out electromagnetic radiation. As a result, high performance LEED glass usually blocks a large percentage of cellular signal from outside cell towers.

Historically, developers have turned to DAS to improve in-building coverage and have expected the wireless operators to bring radio sources to the project in a timely manner. While this remains true for very large properties, mid-sized developments have seen a change. Unfortunately wireless operators have been extremely reluctant to make any investment in multi-use or residential properties.

FORTE® allows you to take control of your cellular service needs. The FORTE multi-operator small cell system is based on the latest generation of indoor cellular equipment that can be used as the radio source for a DAS. In smaller spaces, small cells can be distributed through an area to create coverage without a DAS. As a developer, you can choose in-building coverage improvement for any combination of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. ClearSky matches your requirements with small cell equipment that is pre-approved by the operators. With FORTE, cord-cutters become satisfied customers.