Deploying and operating a FORTÉ® system is a multi-step process that the ClearSky team will manage on your behalf.  The following sections outline some of the key steps in the deployment and ongoing operations of a FORTÉ system.



The first step in a FORTÉ deployment is a design. Based on which wireless operators are selected for the system and which frequencies the wireless operators want us to use in the property, ClearSky will generate a design that specifies where the small cells need to be inside the building. This step often requires a site survey of existing radio signal inside the building using special scanners. We also use the architectural drawings of the property to generate a 3D model of the building in the planning software.


The output of the design shows many important things. First it allows the wireless operators to review the plan to be sure it will work correctly with their outdoor network. Second, it allows you the buyer to review where the small cells will be installed and be assured they will be aesthetically pleasing. Third, the radio design determines where the Cat 5/6 cabling needs to be installed to interconnect each small cell with the ClearSky Site Manager.


ClearSky manages the complete installation and turn up of the small cell equipment. The installation includes the CAT 5/6 cabling, physically mounting devices, and configuring Internet access. Once physical installation is complete, the turn up is closely coordinated with the wireless operators. ClearSky manages all aspects of the project to assure a smooth deployment that meets the objectives of the property and the criteria of the wireless operators.


Unlike Wi-Fi systems which are fundamentally standalone systems, small cell systems must be in constant communication with the wireless operators’ core networks. ClearSky manages this signaling traffic through the FORTÉ Operations Center. The ClearSky operations team continuously monitors and maintains these connections and assures the health and well being of the overall small cell system.