A key differentiation between FORTÉ® and any other product or service for in-building cellular coverage is the participation of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. As outlined in Installation and Operations, ClearSky is the liaison between the property and the four operators. Acting as this intermediary, we perform the procedural steps required by each operator for planning and deployment as well as the 24 hour by 365 day management of the in-building system.

On the day-to-day operations and management side of the solution, ClearSky’s relationships with the operators are the crucial link to enable cellular devices to attach and operate on the in-building small cell network.  Using the FORTÉ technology, only a single broadband connection is needed into the property to service all four wireless operators.  This contrasts with other in-building systems such as DAS, which require a separate broadband connection for each operator.